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T I G Welding in progress

We have been welding wheels for over 30 years now and fully appreciate the importance of getting this right every time as we care for the safety of our customers and other road users, please see below the Welding process we use. We weld wheels in Bedford,Milton Keynes,Luton,Northampton and all surrounding areas,so if you looking for wheel repair in Bedfordshire,Buckinghamshire,or northamptonshire contact us now or call 07921 626418 for a fast and friendly service.

        Price List

  • Small cracks                From         £49.00

  • Large cracks                From         £60.00

  • Remove tyre refit and balance       £15.00

  • Repair Badly welded cracks PLUS   £15.00

  • Pick up & deliver 15 mile radius     £25.00


For other more severe damage please call for a quotation or email some pictures over 

Please Note

All repaired area,s on your wheel will be

primed and spayed black or silver.

Any Make any wheel

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        The welding process

This is the most important part of the repair process.​

First the way not to do it.

In many cases M I G welding is used and is applied over the crack leaving the crack hidden underneath as you would expect as soon as the car hits a pothole or even a speed bump the weld cracks and the tyre slowly loses air and can be dangerous or leave you stranded, quite frankly a waste of money.


Second the RIGHT way to do it .

We use a welding process called T I G (Tungsten inert gas) Firstly the paint is removed from the damaged area then the crack is grooved out (see Gallery pictures)

the wheel is then welded with full penetration, then welded again from the other side over the penetration thus eliminating the crack / damage altogether resulting in a perfect repair.

        The finishing Process


Okay now the wheel has been welded and I am happy with the weld all the excess weld is removed from the outer edges of the wheel.

Now the inner part which is so important because of the Bead line this is where the tyre creates a seal against the rim (wheel), here the excess weld is sanded back to the shape of the inner wheel.

Once this is done the inner area is filed and rubbed down with emery cloth to give a perfect finish for the tyre to seal against.


The welded area is now primed and sprayed black or silver, this will protect the wheel from corrosion in the future.

(see Gallery pictures)

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What our customers say


Eugene Rusden Tyres 

We have been using Wheely Weld for a year now and are very pleased with the quality and the professional service we are receiving , all the repairs Paul has done for us are finished to a high standard, i would recommend Wheely Weld to anyone requiring this service.


Regards Eugene Rushden Tyres